Problems With Exora?

By 14 December 2009
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My blog has been getting a lot of search from the search engines on Proton Exora. Most of them are questions asking about Exora’s performance.

  • Are there any problem with the new Proton Exora
  • Proton MPV underpower
  • Problem with Exora MPV pick up
  • etc … etc …

I am not an engineer, so it is difficult for me to explain from an engineer’s point of view. I can only be near the engine :) , but still … I have no idea how to explain Proton Exora’s performance as a whole. I don’t own one either. The best thing I can do is ask someone who owns one. Maybe he can help to explain his experienced with the MPV in a layman’s term. Since I know a person (and also a blogger) who recently purchased one. I asked him a few questions and maybe the answers will help you to decide further whether to get a Proton Exora or not.

Zaki, how long have you been the proud owner of a Proton Exora?
Since end of May 2009.

How often do you use Exora? Daily to work, or only during the weekends when travelling with the whole family?
On daily basis. To work and to anywhere.

What’s the current mileage?
Nearly 20,000KM

Any problems with Exora so far?
When Exora reaches 7000 – 8000 KM, standby for the air cond to be not cold. This is due to the thermostat which is not following the correct specification, but if you buy Exora now, that problem I presumed have been settled by Proton. This problem only applies for the earliest batch of Exora.

How’s the performance in terms of handling and pick up? For someone who used to drive a more powerful car will always say the Exora is under power, but since you drive a Waja, how is Exora’s performance?
In terms of pickup, for an auto … I consider it is good. It is better than my mother’s Proton Wira Auto. That’s what I fell. This MPV is not for those who wants speed, or to race. It’s a comfortable family MPV. Acceleration is good for a 1.6 MPV. I have no complains. I can accelerate to overtake other cars when needed. Again, if you want speed and power, this is not the car for you. Get yourself a Mitsubishi EVO or maybe the cheaper Pesona. I’m saying this because I’m a family man and speed is not what I’m searching for.

How about Exora’s fuel consumption?
I have recorded and analyzed my Exora’s performance. After 6 refills, early analysis indicates that for city driving, for 1 litre of petrol, it can go about 10 KM. A full tank ranges between RM85 – RM89. A full tank can go from 405 KM to 420 KM. For long distance drive, it can go up to 530 KM for a full tank (with 6 people in Exora). Recorded on June 5, 2009, when driving from Johor Bahru to Trengganu. Hope the info helps.

There you go. An experience with Proton Exora after 7 months. If you have more question, you can directly ask the proud owner of a white Proton Exora, here.

If you are divided between Exora and Alza, here’s what you can do. If you prefer to get a bigger Myvi, get Perodua ALZA but if you want an MPV, get Proton Exora. The rule only applies for those who plan to get a national car and money is a factor. If you don’t like national cars and you have lots of money to throw away, don’t get either. You are better of with other manufacturers.


  • Alvin AA says:

    My Proton Exora 1.6(Auto) Medium Line which I bought in 2010 is giving me problem again after 3 years. Now the car giving me problem with ABS problem. The light ABS will lit on my dashboard which means the ABS is not working and is working on normal brake only. I don’t know what is the problem? I read the manual and says it could be due to low battery voltage. Perhaps the battery need replacing to solve the problem. I worry the repair cost for the ABS will be very expensive? Can anyone help? What should I do?

    • lee says:

      Mine is having the same problem as yours.

    • Name says:

      I also faced the same problem or more :)
      Watch up when use pressure gun to spray on engine compartments and sensors!!!!!!!!
      My ABS light ON maybe due to water contact at the modular /distrbutor component

      Initially symptom:
      Wet ground, front tyres skip and you can feel “kup …. kup” just like when you apply brake and activate ABS

      Initially ABS light will on but after running for a certain time if you restart the engine the ABS light will go off. (Maybe just like you said battery goes weak …3 years and 31K km too.

      Due for servicing at EON, I requested to check on this light using analysis equipment and found out front RHS ABS sensor faulty(cost RM168). I didn’t replace as I didn’t think is the sensor faulty. Might be dirty at the tip. There was one time I drove over a pool of water the ABS light off for some days or weeks then the light ON again. Suddenly one morning the car battery went flat and couldn’t start, after replace the battery the light disappeared but appeared weeks later, I didn’t bother much. Mid of 2013 my Engine Check Light ON. Temperature increased, the radiator tank fan motor (RM210) faulty may be due to I used pressure gun to spray. At the same time I requested EON to analysed again…. this time not only front RHS ABS sensor (RM168) faulty , the module/distributor (RM680) also faulty :(
      Story not yet end. When I washed my car using pressure gun ,I applied direct pressure at the sensor …. After started up engine tHe HAND BRAKE LIGHT ONNN — Brake fluid level good and Hand brake lever release. I suspected the connection and also the poor water insulation .
      some more to tell about problem with Proton Exora that I came across.

  • Although exora (1st batch early 2009) and alza (1st batch end 2009) are different in size, quality comparison can be done on the 1st batch for similar features:

    Based on the complaints on this blog, many 1st batch exoras are starting to have these problems which are not widely reported by 1st batch alzas:
    1. brake & ABS indication lights flashing
    2. wobbling
    3. jerking
    4. unusual noises
    5. fuel leakage
    6. gearbox problems etc.

    A reliable rebadge is more sensible than an unreliable original design. So how is Proton to compete with Perodua?

  • kenji says:

    kereta i dah check banyak kali kat kedai..sampai tukar brake pad dan brake pump belakang..masih jadi jugak..brake cantik dua hingga tiga hari..kadang kala bila brake…brake jadi lembik..tak behenti langsung..pump kaki brake 2-3 kali ok balik…tak tau apa masalah..sakit kepala..apa masalah pun tidak tahu..minyak brake pun baru..angin brake forman dah lepas dua kali semasa check sama jugak..aduh pening..siapa boleh tolong..boleh e-mail saya..( terima kasih siapa siapa yang professional boleh tolong..

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