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By 7 November 2008
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This was taken during my live run support in Ipoh. I was in charge of the night shift and our users at night were the shop floor operators. The tools used were:

  • a notebook with SAP login and
  • a walkie talkie

During support, the user would call and I would login to the system to check. Simple, and I just stayed at my place. No need to be there :)

Foods were also provided, so no worries.

When we went back to the hotel at 8AM, breakfast provided was like supper. Straight to the bed after that.

Now that the team have completed 3 cycles of SAP implementation i.e from Blueprint to Live, I wonder whether the next increment will be big or not. Last year’s bonus was very good :) , this year should be better, right?

I’ve been checking around and found out that people with SAP experience, especially when they were involve in a full cycle implementation, get jobs easily.

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