FeedMalaya: A New Blog Aggregator

By 9 June 2009

If an aggregator = a person who collect things.
Then, a blog aggregator = a blog that collect things.
Of course it is correct. Just replace ‘things’ with blog content and you hit bulls eye.

Although it integrates account login with Facebook, login in only allows you to like/unlike the feeds and also leave comments. Leaving a comment will automatically post it to your wall including the link to the FeedMalaya post. Cool!

The picture below shows that I have already log in to FeedMalaya using my Facebook id.


While this one, is my wall after I commented on one of the post at FeedMalaya.

You just can’t join FeedMalaya. You need to suggest your blog and wait for it to be approved. You can only join if you have a blog that provide readers with insightful, informative, and technology related content (like mine … :) )

If you meet their basic requirement, why not? It provides you an option to promote your blog and if it gets commented it will be further promoted to Facebook’s walls. However, FeedMalaya does not accept blogs that provide a racists, political, entertainment, and internet marketing content. So, forget about marketing your products with FeedMalaya.

p/s I haven’t registered my blog nor send a request, yet.

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