Different Number of Posts in Home, Category, Tag or Archive Page

By 22 March 2009

In WordPress (Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading) you can set the number of posts to be displayed on your home page. The problem is, when you do that, all other pages like the category page, tag or even archive page will have the same number of posts.


Luckily there’s a plugin that allows you to adjust the number or post to be displayed on each every page.

Say Hello! to the MaxBlogPress Different Post Per Page wordpress plugin. I have installed it and currently I have set the tag, category and archive page to be 10 while my home page to only list 5 posts. It will be easier for those who are looking for additional information on my blog based on a specific tag or category.

One of the best feature I like about this plugin is the ability to also set the number of post per category.


If you don’t like to touch your theme php files, give this one a try. Follow this link to download the MaxBlogPress DPPP plugin.

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