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By 10 November 2008

It has been 4 days since my first post in this blog and 10 days since I registered this blog.

The first thing to do is to build the traffic. I am giving myself 3 months from now for this site to be as the same level as the old site in terms of traffic. At the same time, I’ll try to increase the blog Alexa Ranking and also Google Page Rank.

azwan dot my started with a traffic rank of 29M. After 4 days of blogging, it is now 15,693,449. Traffic, as above, is 100% from Malaysia while the previous blog is only 30% from Malaysia. The target is to get an Alexa Ranking of below 1M in a month and at the level of 500K ++ by the second month, and also to diversify the traffic source.

As for Google Page Rank, that will be the last thing on my mind. For the time being traffic is more important than PR.

More Traffic = More Money, High PR is a bonus
High PR, but No Traffic = No Money

Since Konsiblog is challenging Knizam in terms of traffic rank, I might be able to use some of their tips to increase the Alexa Traffci Ranking of my blog.

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